Spilsby Primary School

Reception Pre-teach homework

Maths Pre Teach - subtraction

Maths: one less

Friday 18th June

Addition pre teach

Maths pre teach one more

Friday 4/06/21

Weight and Capacity preteach

Math pre teach; tens and ones

Friday 14/05/21

Math pre teach: tens and ones

Friday 14/05/21

Counting in 2s

Maths pre teach: number pairs to 10

Fri 30/04/21

Time pre-teach

Pre teach : sharing

Friday 16/04/21

Maths pre teach: sharing

Friday 16/04/21


Maths preteach: money

Friday 19/03/21

Maths pre teach- halving

Pre teach maths: doubling

Fri 5/03/21

Phonics Pre-Teach 05/03/21

The Crunching Munching Caterpillar

Project 2

Project 1

The Very Lazy Ladybird

Story time: the enormous turnip

Thur 4/03/21

Story time: Gingerbread man

Tues 2/03/21

Phonics- er

Fri 5/03/21

Phonics- ure

Thurs 4/03/21

Symmetry 4

Symmetry 3

Symmetry 2

Symmetry intoduction

Symmetry 1

Phonics- they

Wed 3/03/21

Phonics- air

Tues 2/03/21

Phonics- ear

Mon 1/03/2

Maths lesson 5: 3D shape model

Friday 26/02/21

Maths lesson 4; 3D shape bingo

Thur 25/02/21

Phonics lesson 1- ur

Maths day 3: 3D shapes corners game

Wed 24/02/21

Maths day 2: 3D shapes- sphere, pyramid, cylinder

Tues 23/02/21

Maths: 3D shapes- cube, cuboid and cone

Mon 22/02/21

Story time: Seren's seasons

Thurs 25/02/21

Project: signs of Spring 2

Thurs 25/02/21

Story- The Cautious Caterpillar

Storytime: Why do you love me so much in the Spring

Tues 23/02/21

The Smartest Giant In Town

Project- Signs of Spring

Tues 23/02/21

Phonics 5- reading captions

Phonics 3- you

Phonics ‘oi’

Phonics 2- ow

Phonics 1- ur

Story time- dragons in the city

Thurs 11/02/21

Storytime- Carrot Club

Tues 9/02/21


Wed 10/02/21

Phonics- 2 syllable words

Fri 12/02/21

Chinese New Year Lantern

Story- Eat Your Peas

Story- The Zoo Vet

Phonics- or

Thurs 11/02/21

Subtraction 5

Subtraction 3

Phonics- spelling tricky words no and go

Wednesday 10/02/21

Subtraction 4

Phonics- ar

Tues 9/02/21

Phonics- oo

Monday 8/02/21

Maths- subtraction 2

Maths- subtraction 1

Children's mental health awareness week

WC 1/02/21

Ten little superheroes

Thursday 4/02/21

Speech bubbles project

Thursday 4/02/21

Mind map for speech bubble

Tuesday 2/02/21

Phonics 5 - oa

Phonics 4 - igh

Race around the world

Tues 2/02/21

Maths- one less- lesson 5

Friday 5/02/21

Maths- one less- lesson 4

Thursday 4/02/21

Maths- one less- lesson 3

Wednesday 3/02/21

Maths- one less- lesson 2

Tuesday 2/02/21

Phonics was my

Phonics ee

Phonics ai

Maths- one less- lesson 1

Monday 1/02/21

Stinky Jack and the Beanstalk


Superhero one less song

WC 01/02/21


Thursday 28/01/21

The very hungry caterpillar

Tuesday 26/01/21

Music story

Wednesday 27/01/21

Phonics -ng (updated)

Friday 29/01/21

Sleeping Beauty

Eat Your Greens Goldilocks

Phonics- th

Thursday 28/01/21

Addition 4

Addition 3

Phonics- we, me, be

Wednesday 27/01/21

Maths 2


Phonics- ch

Tuesday 26/01/21

Phonics - sh

Monday 25/01/21

Addition 1

Addition. Make sure you have warmed up your maths brains with the numbers to 20 song first, the link is above. You will need a partner and some small objects for this first session, to explore the concept of adding.

Story- supermum

Lunchbox powerpoint

Thursday 21/01/21

Lunchbox main activity

Thursday 21/01/21

Lunchbox introduction

Thursday 21/01/21

Story time- Charlie the FireFighter

Phonics- writing to and the

Phonics qu

Story time- megaboy

Thursday 21/01/21

Phonics tricky words 1

Story time- Handa’s surprise

Tuesday 19/01/21

Maths- one more- lesson 5

Friday 22/01/21

Maths- one more- lesson 4

Thursday 21/01/21

Phonics- z, zz

Phonics - y

One more lesson 3

Wednesday 20/01/21

Maths - one more - lesson 2

Tuesday 19/01/21

Super Daisy

Maths- one more lesson 1

Monday 18/01/21

Project- superhero passport

Story time- superkid

Thursday 14/01/21

Part Whole Model 5

Part Whole Model 4

Part whole Model 3

Phonics- x

Friday 15/01/21

Part whole model 2

Phonics- w

Thursday 14/01/21


Phonics- v

Wednesday 13/01/21

Phonics- j

Tuesday 12/01/21

Story time- Supertato evil peas rule

Tuesday 12/01/21

Part Whole model 1

Phonics - alphabet song

Monday 11/01/21

Phonics 8th Jan

Maths: matching number to quantity and recording

Friday 08/01/2021

Story time: Superworm

Thursday 07/01/21

Maths: match number to quantity

Thursday 7/01/21

Math: number to quantity (actions)

Thursday 7/01/21

Phonics session 7th Jan

Story time

Underpants Wonderpants

Creating a superhero

We 6/01/2021

Pre teach maths: matching number to quantity

Friday 1st January 2021

Kindness elves: day 5

Friday 11th December

Kindness elves: day 4

Thursday 10th December

Kindness elves: day 3

Wednesday 9th December

Kindness elves: day 2

Tuesday 8th December

Kindness Elves: Day 1

Monday 7th December

Pre-teach: maths length and height

Friday 4th December

Pre-teach: phonics phase 2 recap

Friday 11th December

Santa’s sleigh problem

Week commencing 30th November 2020

Phonics Pre-Teach: h, b, c, ff, l, ll, ss

Friday 4th December

Phonics pre-teach: ck, e, u, r, the, to

Friday 26th November

3D Shapes

Friday 11th December

2d shapes

Pre-teach patterns

Friday 20.11.20

Phonics Pre-Teach g, o, c, k

Friday 20th November

Pre-teach i, n, m, d

Friday 13.11.2020

Prepositions and Ordering Numbers

Numbers 6-10

Phonics s, a, t, p

Pre-Teach numbers 0 to 5

Reception Pre-Teach Homework Introduction